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Foxylocks Dreadlocks

Foxylocks is a professional dreadlocking service. Foxylocks is a one women ran service. I specialise in custom made dreadlocks. I enjoy creating a varied style of dreads, tailoring every head of dreads to each individual client.

The technique I use is very effective at creating locks which look well maintained and matured. I do not use any wax, products, bands or chemicals, just my hands and a crochet hook. I have been working with hair for many years, which has  given me the knowledge and understanding to create and maintain healthy longstanding dreadlocks. The techniques I use are ones which I have developed and tailored in my own unique way. I Have also worked with hair extensions previously to working exclusively with dreadlocks which has also allowed me to have an extensive amount of knowledge for purchasing the best and most appropriate hair extensions for there purpose. 

I am currently only working part time as i am now a mum  of a toddler! Therefore I have limited time and availability to offer clients. With this in mind, I ask you to read my website thoroughly. If you are happy with my estimate price list and all the info available on here then please send me a message or email.