Here you will find some extra info on "Natural" dread extensions...

Fitted usually with human hair, extensions are made into dreadlocks by us once we have done an estimated quote and book you.


We ask you to send us a picture of how your hair is now , in daylight from the back and side.

We also ask you to send some pictures showing the size, thickness, length & style of dreads you like. So that we know what you are aiming for. This way we have an idea of what your dream dreads are!

We will offer our advise as to whether the dreads you are looking for are right for your hair type, thickness etc..


Once the extensions have been made into dreads we then attach them into your own hair. We need your own hair to be at least 6-7 inches in length. We ask that you do not use conditioner on the last wash you do before your appointment but that your hair is clean and dry.


You will be asked not to wash the dreads for the first 10 days. Sometimes, due to hair type you may need to have tidy ups every 2-3 months to tighten up the links. Some people just treat them like their own hair and only have maintenece every 6 months, but all hair is different!


For prices please see our 'Estimate price' page.