Can you wash dreads?

Yeah, lots of  people seem to think that people who have dreads don't wash there hair, Not true. You can wash your hair! Its debateable on how often you should wash your hair. I personally think no more than once a month but I have friends and customers who wash there dreads every 2 weeks and some who wash them once a year! It is completely down to what suits you! The important part is make sure you use chemical free shampoo. If you search 'residue free dread shampoo' online you will find lots to choose from. See maintenance page for tips of shampoo.

How booked up are you?


I am normally booked up for around 8 weeks ahead. However I can sometimes squeeze you in or I may have a cancelation. So its always best to add onto your enquiry when your availability is eg- I would like to book asap, I am flexible with dates..

How do I dry my dreads?

Drying your dreads is super important. Towel dry your hair as much as you can, squeezing the dreads with the towel. If its sunny and warm outside, this is the best way to dry your dreads. Just let them down and chill in a sunny spot. If you live in the UK, the chances are its wet and cold out! So we recommend getting cosy in front of the radiator, allow your hair to hang over the radiator with a towel under your neck, sit back and relax well the radiator does the hard work. The other option is a good old hair dryer, although this is loud and hard work with dreads as they do take there time to dry which is why we prefer the radiator! NEVER tie your dreads up when they are wet and expect them to dry this way, they wont and the chances are they will smell mildewy!

A tip for checking if they are dry- squeeze a few dreads at different points of the head, if your fingers don't feel damp or wet your dreads are dry.

How long does my hair need to be for dreads?

I recommend 5 inches minimum. however bare in mind that short dreads stand up at first (usually around 7 days).

For dread extensions, I can add the extensions from 5 inches but I do recommend you wait for your hair to be 6-7 inches as the hair hold the extensions much better. 

How much length of hair will I loose?  

Around 3-7 inches depending on hair type and thickness. You will loose more length over the maturing process.

If I have short hair, will it stick up once dreaded?

Yes, after the first few days they will begin to settle. If you wear a head band or a hat it will help! 

How long will it take?


​Tidy ups- Roots 1.5-3 hours/Full 2.5-4 hours

Intense tidy ups 3-7 hours

Full heads around 7-12 hours (if its likely to take longer than 7hrs I will not do it in one day).


Where can I buy the hair for permanent Dread extensions?

You have two options.

1. We can buy the hair for you. We will need a picture of your hair in daylight to match you up before we can get you a quote. 

2. You can buy the hair your self and send it to us at least 10 days before your appointment.


When Shopping around for hair online, be mindful of what type of hair you are buying. Read the description carefully. As some hair is 100% human hair, but some hair is a mix of synthetic and human hair. Here is some info for you, so that you can decide which type of hair is best for you-


Human hair- 

Reacts/matures most like your own hair

Looks most real/natural

You can still dye it (not recommended for bleaching though) 


Synthetic hair or  A mix of synthetic & human hair- 

Its stronger than human hair, less breakage 

Its much cheaper

Some choose it for ethical reasons related to human hair. 

Hair extensions vary so much depending on quality, length and sometimes colour (blondes being more expensive). 

I offer to buy hair extensions for my clients simply because the extensions industry can be a complex and intimidating place when first buying hair. Lots of my clients were buying and sending me such poor quality hair that it was making my job a lot harder. So I thought why not make it easier for my clients and buy it on there behalf. 

I have suppliers for 3 different qualities of hair. So that you can work out what you feel you would like to spend. Please bare in mind these things when deciding. 

- how long you want them to last. 

- what style you would like, if you want thick ends (the wispy bits) you will need to go with the best hair that is full, thick and virgin (non processed) so that it lasts. 

- if you have blonde hair/want blonde dreads, I recommend going for the best hair. As blonde hair doesn't generally last as long because it's been highly processed. So the higher quality hair you can go for the better. 

- equally if you have dark hair you can go for virgin non processed hair at a cheaper cost. Because virgin dark hair is easier to find, so its are sold for less. 

- vigin/non processed hair will mature like your own hair does. Hair that's been overly processed matures very differently and becomes dryer quicker and can break more easily/quicker. 


I always say to anyone considering dread extensions to think about what colour they want there dreads to be long term and to try to stick to that. Human hair dread extensions are not (in my opinion) for those who like to change there hair colour regularly. There other dread options for those who want to do this eg synthetic dreads. Human hair extensions generally do not stand up to the invasive chemical process involved in dying hair. Your own hair will also struggle with this too, just not so much as extensions. But those having dreads without extensions should bare this in mind too. 








Yes you can dye your dreads, but these are some things to bare in mind-

  • You will need more hair dye than usual as dreads act like a sponge.

  • Be aware that residue left inside the dreads from hair dye can be damaging for your dreads and scalp, especially when using bleach- it can sometimes cause them to snap especially when you have extensions in! 

  • We suggest you put all the hair dye in a pot and use a paint brush around 1-2 inches wide (or you can bye a dye kit which includes pot and brush from the pound shop) and paint the dye around each section at the roots. Once you have done the roots, use your hands to coat the dreads down to the ends.

  • When using bleach, once you have rinsed bleach, wash with a good quality shampoo (please see maintenance page for shampoo tip).

  • When rinsing colour (not just bleach for lightening) do not shampoo out as this may encourage the colour to leave the hair, just rinse extremely well. keep allowing the dreads to absorb all the water then squeeze out like a sponge or if you were doing washing by hand.

  • We also recommend asking someone to check you have got the dye through all the sections and then ask them to check again after you have rinsed your hair to make sure you have got all the dye out.

Can I dye my dreads?

How long do human hair dread extentions last for?

How long the extensions last depends on how well you look after them. I will explain and give you a lots of info on the day of the appointment. The more you wash your dreads the more likely the extensions are to slip out, therefore we recommend washing no more than every 4 weeks. Many of our clients extensions have stayed in for years with little maintenance , some of our clients (due to lifestyle and frequent washing) have maintenance every 3 months.

If you have regular tidy ups (every 3-4 months, usually then they can last for years and years, But as I say there are things you can do to keep them looking lovely, and to avoid spending money on tidy ups!



What happends if I get head lice?

Those horrible little bugs, that those of us with dreadlocks fear the most!! Well there are a few different techniques which we have found to be the most effective. 


There are natural nit lotions on the market now which I've heard good things about or try using one of the chemical nit lotions from the chemist but wash well afterward with a good quality natural shampoo just to make sure you get it all out. You could then try a deep cleanse.



Can I swim with dreads?

Yes or course you can still swim. However you may want to bare these things in mind-

  • If you plan to swim in Chlorine pools, you must wash the water out with your good quality non chemical shampoo. As Chlorine will act as a residue and stay inside the dreads, it doesn't smell nice either.

  • You can buy dread swimming caps online, which allows you to swim without getting you hair wet.

  • Sea water is actually quite good for dreads and can help them lock up. So no need to wash your hair after being in the sea.

  • Drying dreadlocks is super important, probably one of the most important things to know about dreads. If you do not dry dreads fully they will  start to smell mildew (like washing that's been left in the washing machine). Please maintenance page for tips of drying.

What if I work in a dirty job, will I be ok to wash more often?

If you work in a dirty environment eg; bulder. We recommend you still try to wash them around every 4 weeks if you can, if you need to wash more often try to not wash more than once a week. However be aware the more you wash dreads the more fluffy they become and the more shrinkage will occur. Therfore we stress its very important to palm roll after each wash and as often as you can. You may want to make sure you commit to maintenece sessions every 3 months for the first 12 months.

What if my hair is thin?

We will usually be able to use hair extensions to thicken out your hair, your dreads will thicken out over the first 12-18 months anyway. However extensions allow you to have full dreads from day one.

I am very experienced with hair fall and I want the best for all my clients hair, therefore I will always make sure the sections for your dreads will be healthy long term, I will always make sure the sections can hold the hair extensions and remain thick & healthy. If you believe you have thin hair or bolding spots on your scalp, please tell me (& send pic) on your enquiry so that I can make sure I feel your hair is strong and thick enough to withstand dreadlocks long term.

Foxylocks dreadlocks will not be accountable for any damage caused by the advise given on this page. This is all knowledge aquired over many years of experience...