Tidy ups with us! 


Tidy ups are for tidying up all that fuzzy hair, lumps & bumps. You can have a general tidy up on the roots or a full tidy up (down the lengths too).


I also offer more intensive re work, which involves some of the following- completely re sectioning the dreads, strengthening broken or thin dreads, extending some of the dreads which have broken off to make sure all the dreads are a similar length again, or just generally Mending dreads which have been done using different techniques and therefor not locking up well. This is called an 'Intense tidy up'. If you feel this is something you may need, please add this to your message when contacting us and we can arrange to allow enough time to do this. If you have had your dreads done with Wax & you would like us to do an intense tidy up, we ask you to remove the wax as much as possible before you come to us (see FAQ page for instructions).


It is completely down to the individual on how often you decide to have your Dreads tidied up. We advise people not to do it more than every 8 weeks as this is detrimental to the health of your hair. Most of my clients come around every 4 months. However the older the dreads get the less maintenance they need. 


Roots (usually takes 1.5-3 hours) 

Full tidy (usually takes 2.5-4 hours) 

Intense tidy (usually takes 4-7 hours) 



Looking after them yourself! 


Everyone does it differently! Try these methods, which we have found the best and see what works for you....


Palm rolling/ separating dreads- Naturally your dreads may try to join together.  As often as you can go through your dreads, taking two at a time and pull them away from each other separating them. This rips apart the little hairs joining the dreads together. You can then run you finger down the line which make the section, gathering the hairs either side of your finger, this decides which dread these hairs need to be in, you can then rip them apart if any cross over. After you have done this go over the dreads, begin to roll them between your hands from the top all the way down to the bottom. 

Residue free shampoo 


So all the chemicals (SLS, Parabens etc) fragrances & stuff they put into shampoo to make your hair all shiny? You really do NOT want that in your dreads, it can eventually leave gooy residues in your dreads and can contribute to a flaky, itchy scalp.


Personally, I do not promote the use of any dread shampoos, I feel everyone's hair and scalp are unique and therefore dread shampoos simply don't suit all hair/scalp types. The shampoo I recommend, which I used on my dreads for years and have heard nothing but good things about from my clients is "FAITH IN NATURE". Faith in nature is NOT a dread shampoo but it is chemical free. They are a uk based company, they are 100% natural, the bottles are made from recycled materials, they are vegan/cruelty free & make your hair smell amazing.

If you choose to book in with me, I will send you some info on preparing your hair for dreads. Its great for getting the best and easiest results from your dreads from day one.


Synthetic dread maintenence

  • Wash maximum once a week, but be aware the more you wash them the more loose fluffy hair you will get.

  •  Use a chemical free shampoo

  •  Use an anti itch braid spray if you do happen to get an itchy scalp

  • Towel dry gently, squeeze the dreads like a sponge with the towel to get all the water out.

  •  Do not use water to hot, more of a "slightly warm" temp is better.