Getting an quote

Here at Foxylocks we charge by the hour for maintenance, like a tattooist might do.


Ellie's hourly rate is £25 per hour, minimum charge is £25. 


Full heads, Full heads of extensions and synthetic non permanent dreads are all charged at a set price, which will be given when you make your enquiry. 



*all prices given are estimates, due to working through emails & with pictures we can not always be right at estimating costs. If your appointment takes longer than expected for any reason (eg- hair appears to be less thick or long in pics than is really is,  hair breakage, client struggles with pain and needs extra breaks) then we may need to charge more. This is why we need as much info as possible when you enquire. Please follow guidelines below.



Making an enquiry 

Here are some guidelines which we ask you to bare in mind when contacting us. This makes the whole process much quicker and means you will get your appointment booked in more efficiently. 


* If You are a regular client and you want to book in, Please use the Facebook page, Please put on message around how long it normally takes. Therefore we will know how long to put you in the diary for.

* Please be aware I run Foxylocks almost single handily, therefore at times it can take me a few days to reply.

* Please read our FAQ page before you ask ANY questions, this will speak up your enquiry

* please be aware I can not think of prices off the top of my head without seeing pictures & details first, therefore please do not phone me for quotes. 

* Please read through the website fully before enquiring, there is a lot of important info you will need to know and reading through it fully will spread up your enquiry. 


Please send us the following info via email- 

*A brief description of what you would like to have done (I do not need to know if it has been coloured)

* Do you want a full head, a full head of extensions, root tidy, full tidy or intense tidy?

*If you want a full head or full head of extensions, do you want a fringe left out, if so please add a pic showing how much

* Please add in your phone number

* FOR FULL HEADS AND INTENSE TIDY UPS- Please send Pictures in daylight, from the back and the side.

* FOR FULL HEADS- Please send pictures of the style of dreads you would like to have done eg- length (if your wanting extensions), style, thickness.


Please send to-

Calling hours - 10am till 5pm 07774687738 (please call only, NO TEXTS




All enquiries will be answered asap, however at times it may take upto 2-3 days, excluding weekends & bank holidays. Most appointments which do not need quotes first eg tidy ups, will be able to be booked in quicker through Izzy (admin only). Izzy is not a Loctician/ dread maker therefor sometimes she may ask you a few extra questions in order to book you in correctly. 






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